A Writer’s Block.

A writer’s block. Not a nice thing to have. Even though you want to start writing again, words do not come. Inspiration is vanished and you are stuck with a feeling of capture. You are captured by the writer’s block and you have no idea how to get out. You are stuck.

I now a lot of people have experienced a writer’s block. I have many times. And I am stuck again. This is the first time words come and have some sort of meaning to them. I tried to write something, but every time I quit. It messes with my head and it does no good. I lose the organisation that is inside of me. I get lazy, do not want to do anything. I seek for new challenges, but none interests me. I give up again.

I am done. I cannot stand the feeling of emptiness any longer. I am going to start writing with no goal, with no expectation. I am going to let my mind lead the way and not look back. I am going to start over.

Doing the things I love are now on top of my list. Making time for friends, smiling and laughing with them is important. Family is important. Spending more time with them is the best feeling in the world.

Not looking on my phone every five minutes, not spending every hour on YouTube or Netflix. These things are going to change. I am done with it.

Going on a walk to appreciate nature and to clear my head, reading all those books who are covering dust in my dresser. Listening to music while staring outside. These things I am going to bring back.

I am done with the writes block. I am done with being lazy. I am not going to postpone the things I love any longer. I am going to be me again.

xo Raïssa



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Hi everyone! I'm Raïssa and I'm a blogger and youtuber.

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