All time favourites

We all have those things we love and have been for a very long time. The products we treasure the most. These items are my all-time favourites. Some may not be with me for so long, but sometimes you can tell that an item is going to stick with you for a long time.

IMG_4736Body & bed mist

First, am I the only one who did not know about a bed mist? When I got this for my birthday, it was the first time I found out about this. The scent is lovely. It is quite summer-y, but it also has an herbs scent so still perfect for fall.

Shower foam

I have always loved the shower foam from Rituals. The scents are always so nice and it feels so soft to the skin. This shower foam is no exception. The scent is the same as the mist and stays on the skin for a few hours and it makes my skin feel so soft.

Body & bed mist

Shower foam

IMG_4745Donna Mae watch

I had been looking for a watch for a very long time. My boyfriend gave me this watch for my birthday and I am obsessed ever since. I am a silver girl and I have the feeling that there are a lot more gold watches out there. I am so happy with this watch!

Urban story bracelet

Another lovely gift from my boyfriend for my birthday. For our first valentine’s day, he gave me a necklace with a heart. This bracelet matches with my necklace and looks good with my watch.

Donna Mae watch

IMG_4748Supplied by lily to-do list

I am trying to make more to-do lists. I love making to-do lists and crossing off things that I completed. This one from Lilia is definitely my favourite, because just look at it. It is stunning.

Supplied by lily to-do list

IMG_4749Stabilo pastel markers

There are a statement in the stationary community. Me, as a lover for stationary, had to get these when I saw them in a local store. I have to say, if you have doubts about the colours of the markers, you won’t be disappointed.

Stabilo pastel markers

IMG_4754Long lasting nail polish HEMA

In the winter times, I like to change up my white nail polish for different colours. The grey colour I had a few years ago, but it dried out. I liked that colour a lot so I bought the same colour again and I am happy I did.

404 Hold the dike


IMG_4757Be with me – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obviously, we cannot forget my book addiction. This is one of the books that I got for my birthday. It is the second book in the ‘wait for you’ series. I have to say that I can recommend the first book as well, but my friend is reading that one and I had to put in a book that I love now so read the first one and the second one.

Be with me

IMG_4767Nivea body cream oliva

My skin had always been a problem especially when it gets colder outside. I have to use a body lotion of something like that to keep my skin calm and not irritated. This one smells so good and feels very nice to the skin. I will be sad if this one is finished, because I like it so much.

IMG_4774Andrélon Perfecte Puntjes

For everyone that has no clue what it say, it means perfect ends, as in hair ends. The product I have using for many years now and I still like using this. If it really helps is a question I cannot answer, but it makes me feel like I take care of my hair.

Andrélon Perfecte Puntjes

IMG_4776IKEA candle vanilla

It is that time of the year that I can light a candle. I love the scent of vanilla so this candle is my go-to candle of all time. I have been buying this one since I was ten or something like that, so seven years now.

IKEA candle vanilla

What are your all-time favourites?



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