Bullet Journal Setup | October ’17

While I was sick, it was the best time to work on my bullet journal setup for October. It kept me quite busy, because I had no plan for it at the beginning. I tried some new things, wanted to do some things different, but in the end, it still is not exactly what I want. I just need to think some things trough to make sure it is the way I want.

If you have not seen my September setup, make sure to read that one as well to see what I changed for this month. (Click here to read.)

IMGP8107IMGP8111My October cover page is definitely autumn inspired. I wanted to stick to the weather in October. I am also very excited for the weather to change, because I love the cozyness it brings. The leaves are definitely simple, but easy to recreate and still look nice.

IMGP8113IMGP8115The first official page is my monthly calendar. I used this in my previous month as well and I like that I can see the whole month in one. It is nice to see what you can expect from October as well as seeing if you have already something to do that day.

IMGP8117.JPGAnother thing that is still the same is my one line a day page. It takes no time at all and you can write about whatever you want. This month I am planning to change up my lines, but for the result, you are going to have to wait for next month or keep an eye out for my Instagram.

IMGP8120IMGP8121I also still have my tracker page. The only thing that changed here is the idea box. I used to have one only for my blog, but now I have one for my YouTube channel as well. Here I can place ideas for blogpost of videos for if I need some inspiration.

IMGP8124.JPGMy work page is also almost still the same. The only thing I changed here is that I put a section for breaks. I do not get paid during my breaks, so I need to take my breaks of off my total hours.

IMGP8105IMGP8129My weekly spread is still the same. I like the layout of this page. I usually do not need that much space for my week, because I have a pretty boring life.

Products I used:

Faber Castel pitt artist pens in XS, S and F
Zebra Mildliners in MGO and MVE
Tombow dual brush in 933
Tombow dual brush in 665
Tombow dual brush in 133
Tombow Fudenosuke soft

How did your bullet journal turned out?





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