How to get organized

Being organized is a feeling that you completed something. I love being organized and productive. Even though sometimes it is hard to be productive, in the end you will feel great about it. I have always been great with organizing, but less with doing so. I was very lazy, sometimes still am, but I managed to change it for the most part with some easy tricks.

I use to always buy a planner for school, but ended up never using that. This year I did not waste my money on that and tried other products to replace the planner.

IMGP8082.JPGI had looked for a long time to find a white-board that was exactly what I looked for. I found one that was also very cheap that I liked a lot. It has the days of the week on it and it is not too big. Although I am not using this anymore, I loved it for a few months. You can easily see what you need to do that week and day, without having to open a notebook or planner.

IMGP8080.JPGAfter watching many Bullet Journal videos on YouTube, I wanted to try it out for myself. I am a creative person, not that I am good at it, but I always need things to express my creativity. With a Bullet Journal, I could be creative and have a planner that I could make the way I wanted it to be. This is something I still love to do, even though I do not spent as much time on my Bullet Journal as I used to do.

IMGP8069IMGP8070A desk planner is also very useful. You can lay it open on your desk to easily see what you need to do. It has a to-do section, notes and the days of the week. If you want to skip a week, you can, because there are no dates. This is the way I still love to plan now. To make it more organized I use highlighters.

IMGP8073IMGP8077The last thing I use to get organized it a to-do list. I have one from suppliedbylily. Every day I have to do a lot, I make a to-do list so that I do not forget what I needed to do. It is also very useful to see if you did everything you needed to do. If you did not complete your list, you can always do the things you did not do on another day. Because you wrote it down, you are more likely not to forget to do.

Do you have tips on how you get organized?




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