Desk Tour

An organised and clean desk to me is very important. It makes me more motivated and gives me rest. It looks better in my room and makes me feel a whole lot better. 

Because I am in high school, I sit a lot at my desk ro make homework. If it isn’t tidied I can’t work. I try to keep my desk clean and organised and this is how it looks when I do.

IMGP8058.pngAs you can see I try not to pack it full with stuff, so that I have room and it looks

Chair – IKEA

Desk – IKEA

IMGP8035I always keep a few notebooks on my desk for when I need to write something down. My bujo is the first notebook, I can grab that one easaly. I also keep my tombow dual brushes and stabilo markers there.

Bujo – Leughtturm 1917

Tombow dual brushes

Stabilo pastel markers

Tape holder – HEMA

Mason Jars – HEMA

IMGP8037IMGP8038On the other corner off my desk I keep other pens and a whit-board, where I can write down what I have to do that week.

Stapler – HEMA


Stabilo fineliners

White board – Action

IMGP8041I always have my desk planner to see what I need to do that week and my laptop is also always on my desk to work on.

Desk planner – HEMA

IMGP8043In my drawer I keep the things I need a lot, but don’t want to store on my desk.

IMGP8045First I have another pile of notebooks. I also keep my to do list in here.

To do list

IMGP8046I have two pensilcases. In one I have pencils and in the other one I have pens and markers and a lot of other things.

IMGP8047I have a lot of back up pens and pensils just in case I need one and can’t find any.

IMGP8048And then there are the pens I use alot. I also keep sticky notes there just in case I need them.

IMGP8050IMGP8051On top off my desk I have a lot of thing that are for decoration.

“Get up. Clean your desk. Tie your hair, and just start.”

IMGP8066What do you need on your desk?



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