New chapter

An new chapter is exciting yet scary. You do not know what to expect, but still you feel that little exitement going on in your stomach. It is a start of something that can go wrong or be the best thing that happend in your life. And this is the start of my new chapter.

You can take this in two ways. The first one is that today is the day that I have been living on this planet for seventeen years now. Eventhough this is a thing to celebrate, it is not the new chapter that I am referring to.

The big new chapter that I am referring to has to do with my domain-name. Maybe you have not noticed yet, but it deffinetely is different. My domain-name used to be, but now it is Maybe this is not something that is very impressing for you, but I feel like a little child getting ice-cream. This is something that I have been planning for a long time now and it finaly happend.

With the new domain-name, I also changed my lay-out. I wanted somthing clean and neat. I am still deciding if this is the lay-out that I want to stick with, but I do not want to e .

“Work Hard, Stay Positive and Make it Happen.”

The last thing that belonges to this new chapter is that I invested in a new edit software. I used to use moviemaker, but it crached my computer a lot of the times. It was time to make some changes and buy something that works and is nice to use. Now I can edit my youtube videos without problem and I am happy that I chose to invest in something like this.

Did you make some new changes in the last month?



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Hi everyone! I'm Raïssa and I'm a blogger and youtuber.

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