Shop with me | Mango & Forever 21

It had been a while since I looked at the sites of these shops. I was curious what they had in store now. With me going, back to school and the weather changing I thought it would be nice to see if they had some nice fall pieces.


Let’s start with Mango. The day that I am writing this blogpost is the day that I am wearing a dress from this store. This is why I thought let’s look what they have for the fall time. I found some nice pieces there and now I am excited for the cold weather.

FullSizeRender (3)The first item that I found was this baggy, but still flattering sweater. I love that is looks so comfortable and I can see myself getting comfortable with a cup of tea and enjoying the rain.

Stripe sweater – €19,99

FullSizeRender (4)Another sweater I love it this one. I mean, it has a turtleneck so my neck will not freeze off, plus I am always doing things so the text suits me very well.

Turtleneck sweater – €28,99

3ed5c6594457851d4106bff506ed565613023641_80These sweaters are simple, yet they have a detail on the sleeve that makes it interesting. I love the fact that this is fitted and not baggy or what so ever. It is always nice to have such basic things in your closet.

Grey – €19,99

Pink – €19,99

f2e2265c83e9835146a3c979995ea4c6Another basic piece is this white one. It is just a simple sweater, but always nice to have.

Knit sweater – € 25,99

FullSizeRender (2)The last thing I found at Mango is this little bag. I do not own small bags, but it is always nice to have one for when you need it. The only down side to this bag is the fact that is has gold details. I am definitely more a silver girl.

Bag – €35,99

Forever 21

The second store I looked at was Forever 21. I used to buy here all the time, but times change and now I look here only occasionally. Sometimes they have absolutely nothing that I like and sometimes I can find many pieces, so I was excited to see that I found some pieces that I like.

00210998-03The first thing is this sports bra. I am slowly getting into fitness again and I thought why not buy some new things to get more excited about it. This bra has very nice details on the back that caught my eyes.

Sports bra – €16,00

00195622-01 (1)Obviously you need a good pare off sport leggings to work out in ass well. I saw this one and love the fact that the sides are a bit see-through.

Sport legging – €24,00

00214686-07This sweater is a bit different from what I usually would go for. The sleeves are not long, but that is the thing I like the most about this sweater. Sometimes it is nice to buy things you would usually not by.

Sweater – €18,00

00268467-03The sleeve detail on this sweater is beautiful. I love flowers and think that this gives some nice details to the sweater.

French terry top – €24,00

FullSizeRenderAnother basic sweater, but this time on sale. I love the colour of it. It is not something I have in my closet, but definitely a colour that I want more in my closet.

Olive sweater – €5,50

FullSizeRender (1)In addition, the last thing I found was this layered necklace. Obviously, I chose silver over gold, but if you prefer it in gold, they do have that one as well.

Necklace – €9,00

What do you find the nicest piece that I chose?

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