New winter coat

Am I the only one who wants it to be winter already? I just love the cozyness that it has and the warm clothes that I have to wear. Obviously, you need a good winter coat for in the winter and because that mine is old and needs to be replaced, I had a good reason to look for winter coats.

Because I am that girl that is very bad at deciding what she wants, I ordered a few coats to try them on and see if there is one that I like. I ordered the coats at At this site, you can order things and pay afterwards, so that you can chose if you like it or not. I ordered four coats and I had to decide between those, which one would be my new winter coat.

IMGP7973.2IMGP7975.2The first coat I like because it is long, that means that my legs get less cold and if it rains my legs get not as wet. On the inside, it is very soft and it feels like a warm coat. The only thing that is not my favourite is the gold detailing. I prefer silver to gold.

IMGP7977.2IMGP7978.2The second coat is a coat that looks like one I already have, but mine is not winter proof. I did like the way this coat looks on me, but the fabric is not good for my skin and will itch. Therefore, this is a no go for me.

IMGP7979.2The third coat was a very nice one that I really like. I fits me very well for a winter coat and the detailing is my taste as well. The inside off the pockets are soft and will keep my hands warm.

IMGP7986.2IMGP7987.2The last coat was already off the list the moment I put it on. It was too long and because I am short, it was not a good look. It was more like a coat for older woman.

It came to the first and third coat. It was hard to decide because each coat had thing that I did not like at all, but I chose the one that I thought would be the best for in the winter. The coat I chose is number one. It will keep me warm, it is long and it is soft on the inside. I can look past the cold detailing for now and I am happy with the decision I made.

What was your favourite coat?



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