August Favourites ’17

I love discovering new things especially when they become favourites. I always have random favourites, but this month they are not that crazy. I did develop a new obsession and if you see my favourites, you can guess what it is.

IMGP7882.2IMGP7883.2The first thing is a book. I love reading fictive books, but even though this is a non-fictive book, I find it nice to read occasionally. This book is written by a Dutch blogger and youtuber. She writes about her life, online success and how to become successful in working. This book is written in Dutch so for all my Dutch readers, I would really recommend this book.

IMGP7891.2IMGP7897.2As for skincare, I have really loved the crème and lip balm from Nivéa. (Labello is from Nivéa.) I use these products in the morning. I have very oily skin so I use a little of the crème. As for the lip balm, I just like soft lips. is a blog that I love to read. Lilia, the person behind this blog, is a law student who loves fashion, beauty and lifestyle. All these things you can read about on her blog.

IMGP7927.2While we are talking about Lilia, her YouTube channel is also a favourite of mine. I have been watching her for a long time and just love her personality and how passionate she is about her blog and YouTube channel.

IMGP7933.2IMGP7935.2IMGP7944.2IMGP7946.2This is the last thing from Lilia, I promise. She also has a luxury stationary line. I bought a few things from I bought these things because I am back at school again and I love the quality off the products.

IMGP7930.2Another YouTube channel that I love watching is the one from Zoë Sugg. I watch her main channel as well, but LOVE het vlogs.

IMGP7900.2IMGP7903.2I have been creative these last weeks and love my all my pens that I have to be honest.

IMGP7951.2In addition, my last favourite is this perfume from Paco Robanne. It is called Olympéa and it smells so good. I am very bad at explaining sent so I am not going to try.

What is your September favourite?

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