Bullet Journal set up | September ’17

I am one of those people that is completely obsessed with Bullet Journal now. A few months ago, I came across a video about Bullet Journaling. After watching that video, I searched for more and fell in love. I am a creative person, so the idea of making your own planner sounded so good. My first attempt to make a bujo (short for Bullet Journal) was in a blank notebook. I loved it, but because the pages were blank, it was hard to make it look nice. I did some research and found a notebook a lot of people use. This is the notebook that I am still using, so after a few months of doing this it is finally time to show you people how my bujo looks like.

Because I have been using my bujo for a few months now, I know what I use and what works for me. A bujo is very personal and the things I have in mine may not be something that is useful for you. Feel free to get inspiration from my spreads. I find inspiration for my own bujo on Pinterest and YouTube.

IMGP7838.2To start with my begin page off the month September. I wanted to create something that was easy to make and throughout the entire month. I went with the theme clouds. I saw on YouTube a video with this theme and decided to do it myself. (Click here to see the video.) I love the way it turned out. It was very easy to make and still looks nice. I think this is one off my favourite spreads so far.

IMGP7850.2I always like to have a calendar that is compact, but still useable. I made this calendar. I use different colours for different tasks and write them out in the box below. On the other side, I have a page where I am going to write one line a day. I love this idea for when you are looking back to this month and to see the things that happened or were on my mind.

IMGP7857.2I love to track habits to see if I do things every day or not. It is also a great way to get into a new habit that you really want to have. I track if I eat fruit daily, work on my blog and YouTube channel, read and if I work out. I also like to have a box for blogpost ideas and I track my followers. The other page is completely dedicated to my blog.

IMGP7864.2The next page I use for work. Here I can see when I have to work and after work, I put down when I go off, how many breaks I had and how many hours I have worked that day in total. At the end of the month, I can see how many hours I worked and how much money I will get.

IMGP7865.2Lastly, I have the first weekly spread. This is how I have been making my weekly spreads. Because this week it the first week I go back to school, I do not have many things to do, so I do not need a lot off space.

IMGP7871.2These are the pens I used for this month.

Zebra Mildliners

Faber-Castell PHTHALO GREEN 161

Faber-Castell set

Hybrida white

TomBow Fudenosuke 

Do you have a bujo?

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