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I went on a little shopping trip through It was a while ago that I looked on this website, so I was very exited to see what they had in store now. I found some pieces that I am very exited about and can’t wait to buy for myself!


I had a denim jacket myself but grew out of it. Ever since I have been looking for a new one that is a bit oversiced. I saw this one on the site and lets be honest, it looks great on the model.

Denim Jacket – €27,99


I am not really a big gan of blazers, but love it when it does not look like you work at an office. How it is styled in the picture it does defenately not look like that. I find it nice that you can roll up the sleeves.

Blazer – €35,99


When I saw this blouse I knew I wanted it. I love that there are flowers that break the striped a bit, so it is not too strip-y.

Blouse – €17,99


A simple black dress is always nice to have. This one is a bit different with the sleeve detail.

Dress – €15,99


Because I am allready exited about winter I could not help myself to look for some warm sweaters.

Sweater – €9,99


I am so in love with this colour. It looks great for the winter!

Sweater – €17,99


Some basic tees never hurt nobody and they are very usefull to have in your wardrobe.

White – €4,99

Pink – €4,99

Black – €4,99

FullSizeRender_4This is just a very stunning watch. It is usefull to have the time and it makes the outfit comleted.

Watch – €12,99


The metal detail on these boots. You can wear this with almost everything, plus I do not have boots like these so I really want them.

Boots – €35,99

What is your favorite pies?

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