One day road trip in Germany

Sunday I went to Germany for a little road trip. I had to go to Germany anyway, so why not make a little road trip out of it.

I started my road trip in Dasburg. I had to pick up someone there, but did not stop to look around. I went to the first official place on my list.

IMG_4208IMG_4210IMG_4215IMG_4216I went to Hessental. We did not look around a lot but found some cute houses that I liked a lot. We just walked around a bit to take some photos.

IMG_4220IMG_4221IMG_4231IMG_4237IMG_4333IMG_4241IMG_4249IMG_4251IMG_4253IMG_4261The second place we visited was Monschau. This was definitely the place I liked the most. The town is very old and has even a brick road. I made many pictures and took my time to let everything sink in.

IMG_4263IMG_4265A little pit stop to take some pictures of the stunning view.

IMG_4328IMG_4330The third place and the last one we went to was Einruhr. It lies next to the Ruhr and we could tell it was a popular place, because there were many people. The nature is very stunning and the river looked beautiful.

Loved to just go on a little break and enjoy new places with beautiful nature!

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