Citytrip to Berlin

My mom and I went to Berlin for four days. We both had never been, so it was perfect to visit the historical buildings in the city. Even though we did not see everything we wanted to see, we did see a lot, so be prepared for a sea of photos.


We had to get up early. My alarm went off at 2:30 AM. We drove to Rotterdam, The Hague Airport. There we ate a little breakfast and waited to get on the plane. The flight was around one hour and fifteen minutes, so it was a short flight. Because we flew so early, we had a whole day in Berlin.

The first thing we did was drop our suitcase off at the hotel and then we went to Alexanderplatz to get some brunch. Alexanderplatz is a place with a lot off shops and a mall to shop even more. The mall is called Alexa and on the top floor there are many places you can get some food. We got a slice of pizza for a late lunch.


When it was around 4 PM, we went back to our hotel to check in. We had a nice room on the seventh floor. (I have never stayed that high in a hotel before.) It was just a basic room, but perfect for us.


I wore this outfit the first day that we were there. Just casual and comfortable for a day walking around.

T-Shirt – I have no idea

Jeans – Bershka

Shoes – Nike


The next day we got breakfast at a nice place in the Neue Gründstraße at Spittelmarkt. I cannot find the name anywhere but it was cute. We had a lovely breakfast there.

After that, we had planned to visit historical buildings. We went to Podsdamer Platz and walked from there to the Brandenburger Tor. We walked from there to the Reichstagsgebäude and back again.


Unter den Linden starts at the Brandernburger Tor and is a long road that I recommend that walk all the way, due to beautiful buildings you can find there. To name some Humboldt-Universität, St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale and the Berliner Dom.


For lunch, we went to Alexa again. We ate at the Asian place and it was so good. In the afternoon and evening, we went to another mall at Potsdamer Platz and got a simple dinner to eat at the hotel.


The outfit that I wore this day is yet again very simple and casual. I love how my half up bun turned out.

Jeans – Bershka

T-Shirt – H&M

Shoes – Nike


The most rainy day we had on our trip. In the morning, we went to visit Checkpoint Charlie. I have to say, it was not that spectacular as I expected, but it was nice to see and read about the things there.


After that, we went to Mac Donald’s to get a warm drink. I had the thee, but did not really like it.


After that, we went to the part of the city where the Pull and Bear was. When we came there, we visited a nice church. It was beautiful, but destroyed because of World War 2. They are currently repairing the building.


The rest of the day, we spent which shopping and for dinner, we got a meal salad to eat at the hotel.



The last day arrived. We had breakfast at the same place as before.


After that, we went to visit our last place in berlin. We went to see the East Side Gallery. We walked around the neighbourhood and found a place that were old factories before but turned into restaurants and outlets.


After that place, we walked to the wall. It was very nice to see that they turned a bad thing out of history into a new and colourful thing.


We went back to the hotel to get out suitcase and went to the airport for our flight back to The Netherlands.

I had an amazing week in Berlin and cannot wait to go back!

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