This weeks diary | Week 2

A week full of working, watching movies and spending time with my boyfriend.


Today was a relaxed day. I had to work until two o’clock. After work, my boyfriend and I went to get lunch at HEMA. I got a sandwich with cream cheese and an iced coffee. When we went home, I watched a little YouTube. A youtuber I really like now is Lilia from Lilylikecom.


Today I had to work, yet again. I was done at six and had to get strait back home, because I had to leave for my brothers graduation. I changed and went to the school where the graduation was. My brother showed me the view from one of the classrooms and the view is stunning. If I had class there, I could not pay attention.

After that, my parents and I went to a restaurant to get dinner.


It was time for the last visit to school this school year. I had to pick up my grade list and give my books back.

I also worked on a new blogpost about a mask from l’Oréal. If you have not read it, yet you can click here. I also tried to make pancakes with oats and a banana, but it did not go well… They tasted great though


I had to work the whole day again. In the evening after work, I went to my boyfriend and we watched the beginning of ‘the amazing Spiderman’. Because I was very tired and a bit emotional due to the movie, we went to go sleep.


This day was the day I waited for, for a long time. My boyfriend and I went to the Efteling, a theme park here in The Netherlands. We went with by train and bus to get there.

We went in many rides. The queue’s where not long at all, so we could go in anything we wanted.

Before we got on the train, we got Starbucks. They never spell my name right.


Another day full of working, what a surprise. The only other thing besides working and blogging that I did was watch a movie. I have watched the new Netflix-original ‘to the bone’. It was a heavy but great movie.

This is the last day for this blogpost. Tomorrow another day full of working and nothing interesting at all.

blog ending


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Hi everyone! I'm Raïssa and I'm a blogger and youtuber.

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