l’Oréal Pure Clay Mask

When I was in  Aachen, I looked for a mask in a tube. I could not find any, but what I could find was a mask in a pot.  l’Oréal Pure Clay Mask has three different masks. Each one had a purpose. Because I have a blemished skin I went for the green one, which is ment for problematic skin.

The mask comes in a beautiful pot made out of glass. It looks luxieurious, what I like. The cap is also green, like the mask. When you open the cap there is an other cap to keep the mask in place.

Before I put the mask on, I cleaned my skin with the garnier miceller water just to make sure there was nog dirt in my pories. I applied the mask with my fingers, but you cam do it with a spatula as well.

What I noticed about the mask it that it is light weight. It also dries very quickly, so ceep that in mind.

Because I have very sensative skin it happens alot that mask irritate my skin. The first time I used this mask my skin was not very happy about it. It irritated my skin a lot and I was just not happy about the product. The second time I used this product it went a lot better. It still was not the best experiance but not as bad as the first time.

Eventhough I have sensative skin I also have very oily skin. The mask is supposed to help to prevent oily skin, so it has to be a drying mask.

The mask is probably not the best you can use when you have dry skin. Even I get little dry patches on my face, but the next day my oily skin is not as bad as usual. I think when you have oily skin that is not sensative then this is a perfect mask for you. Sensative skin people will not have the best experiance with this I think.

Eventhough while I have sensative skin I am going to try this mask a few more times to see if my skin get used to it.

Mask – €9,99

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