A day in Aachen, Germany

With my German class I went to Aachen a city in Germany. The city has a lot of history and beautiful buildings. If you want to know more about my day in Aachen and about the city itself, ceep on reading.

On the fourth of July 2017 I went to Aachen with my German class. You might know that I live in The Netherlands. It takes not that long to drive to Germany and visit a city. (Obviously not too far from the border with The Netherlands.) I really enjoy going to new places, so I was thrilled to got visit Aachen. It is not a city I had heard about a lot, but it has a lot of history and I love history, so it deffenately cought my attention.

The buschauffeur dropped us at the Theaterplatz. In the middle is an old Theatre that they still use to this day. We took a photo of the Theatre and the statue that was in frond of it.

After that me and my friend went to find a conpany for our assignment. We went to a bakery named Oebel. The employees where very nice and helped us the best they could.


When we were done with the first part of the assignment we went on to the center of the city. The firts thing we saw was The Dom. The Dom is a big church and is the center of the town. It is a beautiful building. It it so high that i could not fit the top and bottom in my picture. They were renovating so that was a bummer, but we still enjoy the part that was not coverd with scaffold.


We walked through beautiful alleys until we were standing on the market. There was a market at the time, so it was very buissy. The atmospere was friendly and cosy, which i realy enjoyed. The city hall is also a beautiful building and specially from the back. I love the back more than the front to be honest. On the market there was a big founain with a lot of details.

IMG_3817IMG_3816IMG_3813IMG_3819There was a park neerby The Dom. This was a very nice place to sit and eat something while enjoying the nature in the city. I love it when cities have parks in the center of the city. Its is a place you can escape.

IMG_3824IMG_3823IMG_3822There were a lot of fountains. My favorite fountain is the one on the pictures above. You can change the position of the dolls. To be honest it was also a creepy fountain, because of the dolls.


And last but not least, the food. We ate at a bakery that had a lot of opsions. It tasted amazing an that for not a lot of money. And I can not forget about Starbuck. In the town I live in, there is no Starbuck so when I go to a place that has one, I most likely get a drink. (No shame.)

What do you think about Aachen?

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