My first time traveling without parents

The first time traveling without parents is always a scary moment. You are the one who has to think about all the important things, like bringing your passport and papers. There comes a lot more to it than you might think. Here is my story about the first time traveling without my parents.

The first time I went on vacation without my parents was when I was only fifteen years old. My parents agreed to let me go on vacation with my boyfriend. We went to Spain together for ten days. We booked our flight and staying place at This site organises trips for teenagers.

We stayed at a camping. This was not the best experience. There was a part of the camping for gogo, so that was where we stayed. The tents where very small and close together, so there was no privacy at all. And that was not even the worst part.

My boyfriend and I did not like drinking, but all the other people who were there, came to have a vacation full of drinking and going out. We did not fit in and wanted to go away from that place. We went to our travel guide and explained the issue we were having. He tried his best to find another place for us to stay and luckily a hotel nearby had a room left. Obviously, we had to pay for that, but in the end, we were glad we did that. After we packed our backs the next day, we went to the hotel. There was a room that looked nice. We had a balcony that looked over the pool. The beach was at a walking distance and there were two supermarkets nearby.

The rest of the vacation went by quickly. We had the time of our lives. We tried not to think about our time at the camping. We went to Barcelona for a day. Spent a lot of time at the beach and made beach walks in the evening. The vacation that started out to be doomed ended better than we could hope.

Even though there were times that I wished to be home we both stayed positive and dealt with our problems. We handeled like adults and figured out what to do. If you ever get into this kind of problems, just stay calm and talk to your travel guide. He is the one who can try to find a place that suits you better.

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